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By Martha Has a Cleaning Service

House Cleaning & Office Cleaning Services in Rochester Hills, Troy, West Bloomfield, Franklin, Clarkston and Auburn Hills MI.

What you can expect from us!

      • Honesty – We take the appropriate steps to make sure we hire honest individuals that you can trust in your home or office.
      • Consistency – It will be the same cleaning staff in your Home every time we clean, Fully insured and Bonded Cleaning Service to perform the same high quality cleaning each and every time we enter your home. We want to create a long term relationship where we can clean your home consistently for years to come.
      • Reliability – You can depend on your cleaning team to be at your home or office on your scheduled cleaning date. If you need to change your cleaning date for any reason please contact us.
      • Communication – Each home is different and needs individual attention to be properly cleaned. We make it as easy as possible for you to reach us if you should have a question or concern about how your home or office is being cleaned. We can always be reached at


      •          Multiple Payment Methods
                                        Major Credit Cards accepted!


Please call for more information!



MHACS will provide a LOCK BOX if necessary to keep your keys safe. that will be placed in a inconspicuous place out of sight. (outside) Do I need to be home when you clean? If you feel you need to be home to meet your clean team it’s your choice. If you choose not to be home you can give us a key you can hide a key in a safe place and if you choose to give us access thru your garage you can just give us your entry code. Same applies with your alarm system. By far the most efficient and problem free way for everyone is for you to give us a key and alarm code.

You can rest ASSURED regarding Your Cleaning,

And service you can count on!

We respect you, your home/office. We know what it means to you!


Troy kumon Center Troy, MI. 248 457 0640 ….11 Years

Joyotsna Diwadkar 248 757 2388 … 4 Years

Lori Brown 248 879 4666 … 6 Years

Tracy 248 680 7263 … 5 Years

Angela 248 593 5867 … 8 Years

Hema Rajagopal 248 227 1290 … 4 Years

Jan Butcher 248 375 0579 … 6 Years

Virgina Wieme 248 281 8512 248 797 0936

248 879 8310 … 5 Years

Marge Qualmann 248 641 8158 … 9 Years

Susi says;

“The happiest day of my week is Thursday! (Cleaning day)”

Jan says;

“I never need to worry, there are never any short cuts taken, your check is on the table”.

Virginia says;

“Martha is always so flexible and easy to deal with, She is cleaning for my Son, and also cleaning for my Daughter, so Martha is like a family deal”.

Lori says;

“Martha started cleaning for my mother and now is a part of my life every week, nothing is missed, I don’t know how they do it, and it’s like magic”!

Mrs. Kown says;

“Over the past eleven years Martha has received many recommendations from me to potential new clients, there have been many cleaning companies ask me for the Three offices and the House cleaning that Martha does, there is no reason for me consider anyone else, The little knick-knacks are always cleaned and put back in the same place, The things most cleaning people clean around, Martha cleans! The fresh clean feeling you get when you walk in your home, you know, Martha was here”!

Hello, Thank you for the opportunity to let me introduce myself, My Name is;

Martha Hostetler, and I have always taken pride in my work and honesty.

We respect you, Your Home and everything in it, We know what it means to you.

If you do not have the time to do all your cleaning, I can help you with all your cleaning needs, whether it be your home or Office.


Yes we work with, and around your sleeping pets

More Joy!
Less time spent cleaning and more time enjoying your home. That’s you savoring a cup of tea in your clean and tidy kitchen.

Or how about my personal favorite: an afternoon nap on the couch in my spotless and sweet smelling living room.

Cleaning services are offered in:

      • Rochester Hills, MI
      • Troy, MI
      • West Bloomfield, MI
      • Franklin, MI
      • Clarkston, MI
      • Auburn Hills, MI
      • Royal Oak, MI
      • Oakland, MI
      • Farmington, MI
      • Berkley, MI

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